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My name is Singye, Singye Namgyel. I’m 11 years old (about to be 12) and I enjoy blogging. My hobbies are to type, read, play video games, swim, listen to songsĀ and of course, to blog. I have one brother and lots of cousins. I was born in July 2nd of 2003 and I live in Phendelam, Thimphu city. I’m a student at Druk School – in Class 7.

I started writing the blog 3 years ago. Back then, I didn’t know much about blogging but I still loved doing it. But then somebody hacked it, and I lost ALL the content. Then months later, I revived the blog and I started doing reviews of movies and anime. Everything got deleted AGAIN, but this time it was because of me.

Now, I’ve brought back the blog a third time, and I promise not to delete it again, lol. I promise to bring lots of enjoyable articles and one day I’ll start writing top 10s, on different things in the world.


7 comments on “About Me

  1. Bharat Thapa

    hi Singye,

    Probably you may not know me, but I have heard a lot about you from your daddy. I am the one who developed your blog (website).
    Well, I am really glad that you do such a nice blogging. You write really well. Keep blogging and if you ever need any technical help with your blog, do feel free to email me …..
    Great job dude….

    Acho Bharat


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